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Your wedding photos will shape your memories for years to come which is why the photographer you choose is so important. Here are the reasons why you should choose me to photograph your special day:

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Unlike many other photographers, I have a hands on approach to my photography.

I will shoot your wedding myself with an assistant and I will also do the layout and the retouching of your wedding album to ensure you get the quality and the personalized service that you deserve.

When you look at my work in magazines, internet and my display albums you can be sure that is the photography quality you will be getting on your wedding day.

Also you can expect teamwork from me. That is very important because we are about to spend a lot time together – the photographer is the one person who’s with you from the last moments as a single person to your first dance as married couple and beyond. You can count with me to make your life easier and less stressful. I am easy to get along with and I strongly believe that no-one should have to put with a moody photographer, especially during a wedding. It is your day and your photographer should be sensitive to your needs, flexible and helpful.


I have been photographing weddings for over 16 years, which is a great asset nowadays.

More than ever, inexperienced photographers flood the wedding industry with very mixed results. Just because you see the image in the back of your camera does not make you a photographer. I believe that using such ‘rookie’ photographers is a chance a wise bride should not take since a wedding is a once in your lifetime experience.

I have also won most of the main divisions in the Australia Institute of Professional Photographers(AIPP) awards, so you can trust me to capture exquisite images reflecting the emotion and romantic setting of your wedding day.


With packages starting from just $3,000, I believe in giving my clients value for money.

Unlike many other photographers, you have the flexibility of having your high resolution photos saved on a disk (for you to organise your own album) or you can let me create a special handcrafted album for you.

Weddings can be unpredictable events and that is why most of my packages include all day coverage. I will be there to shoot your wedding from start to finish and I will let the day unfold at its own pace. So you don’t have to worry about overtime costs.


My photographic style is natural, relaxed and unobtrusive as I believes the best photographs are taken when you feel most comfortable. Most of the time you won’t even know I am there. But when I do some set up shots, I will give you some directions to help with poses that are most flattering. I am here to make you good as well.


If you decide to purchase one of our albums, all the images will be individually retouched and handcrafted and the albums will be of the best quality that money can buy. Also the layout will be done by me and it will be custom made to you so nobody will have the same album as you have.

My favorite album supplier is Seldex Artistic Albums which has been an industry leader in Australia and overseas for the last 40 years.

Our retouching is not heavily done like you see in some magazines ads. We keep our retouching quite natural preferring to enhance the image qualities that were there when the photo was taken. So you can be sure you will have a timeless masterpiece of your wedding photos as your images will never age or deteriorate.


With keeping with my policy of being an industry leader, now I am offering my clients a new exciting product called Fusion, where photography meets high definition cinematography.

It is well known that photography has traditionally been the preferred media to capture Wedding celebrations. Although photographs engage viewers to lean in and study the details, it misses what cinematography (Video) can offer – sound, music and motion. Photography and Cinematography can independently offer amazing records. However, combining the two makes magic.

Our Fusion package is designed for couples that appreciate the best of what technology has to offer and would like to have a video coverage of their wedding day but don’t want a 3-4 hours footage that nobody sits down to watch.

Please phone the studio on 02 9555 6633 to make your appointment or email us via our contact form.

More about us in our special video presentation.